Management Committee


Ealing Primary Centre is governed by a Management Committee.  This is made up of:

1 Staff Member

Jon Hicks



6 Community Members

Jamie Maloy

Headteacher of Grange, representing Ealing quadrant


Leonie Lobo

Headteacher of Ravenor Primary, representing Greenford, Northolt and Perivale quadrant


Sue Stanley (vice chair)

Community member


Louise Singleton (chair)

Headteacher of Hambrough Primary, representing Southall quadrant


James McCormack

 Headteacher of Oldfield Primary, representing Greenford, Northolt and Perivale quadrant


Venessa Nicholas

 Headteacher of Derwentwater Primary, representing Acton quadrant

1 Local Authority Member

Bridie McDonagh

Head of Behaviour Strategy & Inclusion and Virtual School Head, Ealing Looked After Children 

1 Parent Member

Elaisha Bedasee

Parent of primary aged children & Ealing resident


The Chair of the Management Committee is:            Louise Singleton

The Vice Chair of the Management Committee is:    Sue Stanley

The Clerk of the Management Committee is:            Alan O’Neill


The Management Committee has 3 subcommittees

The Resources subcommittee is chaired by Sue Stanley.  Please click here for the ToR

The Curriculum subcommittee is chaired by Leonie Lobo.  Please click here for the ToR

The Outreach subcommittee is chaired by Jamie Maloy.  Please click here for the ToR

Information on Ealing Primary Centre's management committee 2021-22 

The Management Committee meet at least termly to review all aspects of Ealing Primary Centre’s work

The Management Committee governs Ealing Primary Centre as set out in the DFEs Alternative Provision Statutory Guidance (Jan 2013)