Remote Learning

We understand that our children and families may have additional challenges in accessing home learning.

When needed, we will provide work packs for children to complete, combined with a telephone call at the beginning of the day and during the afternoon to introduce the learning and then to further support.

We will plan for children to have approximately 20 hours of learning and contact per week.  This will be made up of 2 calls to pupils daily and approximately 15 hours of learning through per week.

  • Class teachers will contact their pupils on a twice daily basis following a set script of enquiry and discussion 
  • These calls will take place at an agreed time in the morning (between 9am and 12noon and again between 1pm and 3.30pm)
  • The phone call will be made to the parent initially and then with the child. It is important that the parent puts the call with the pupil on loud speaker so that the conversation is shared with the parent too.
  • The call will involve checking in on health, checking in with the parent and offering any advice or support and setting the work in the morning with the child and reviewing this in the afternoon.
  • These calls will be voice only and not involve video calls.
  • Completed work packs will be returned to EPC by either scanning or photographing and emailing to for marking
  • There will be 3 activities each day to include English, Maths and a topic based piece of work.