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Blue Class Work for Wednesday 8th July 2020.

Hello Blue Class, here is your schoolwork for the day.





P. E


PE with Joe Wicks




Using alliteration to write headlines




Classifying triangles


Mental Maths


Play Hit the Button - Times tables - can you beat your score?

Lunch time.


Focus / exercise


Cosmic Kids – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Topic - Change


All change

Think about a change that has happened in your life. It could be in your family, your school or something in the wider world. Write and draw about how the change has affected you or others. Do you feel positive, negative or neutral about the change? Create a report, poem or comic strip to record what happened before, during and after the change


Topic - Drama


Vocal interpretation of a character


Peace Out


Zen Den - Yes you Can!

This activity can be done at the end of the learning time or at the start of the bedtime routine to help to calm the mind and relax.




Make sure you have a go at the Challenge of the week - once done send a photo to us at