Fun challenges and stories from teachers and the clinical team!  

Managing Transitions

The EPC Clinical Team have worked together to create a short video to support parents and carers in helping their children to manage transitions.  Should you have any questions or wish to discuss this further please talk to the staff member who calls you weekly or if your child is already back then feel free to call the school and we can arrange for  a member of the clinical team to call you back.


Mr Franklyn's Challenge of the Week!

email a photo of you and your family doing the challenge to teacher@ealingprimarycentre.co.uk  

Bird Cakes

Wellbeing Postcards - Created by the EPC Clinical Team.

send in photos of you doing the activity to teacher@ealingprimarycentre.co.uk

Bringing the outdoors in

Teachers Telling Tales

Choose from below to see some of your teachers read a story.

You can click for full screen in the bottom right hand corner of each video

In It Together

A Tale of 2 Feathers

The Zoo Vet

2 audio stories from the Imagine Neighbourhood - for children and

Problem Solving with the Fire Pirates

The Messy Magpie

Treasures in the Garden

A Monster Surprise

  their families to help to understand how to cope during this time

The Pixie Pandemic - Macho has to stay indoors