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Green Class Work for Monday 6th July 2020

Hello Green Class, I hope you are looking forward to some interesting activities for this week.





P. E


PE with Joe




Action Words




Find quarter of amounts

Lunch time



Focus / Exercise


Cosmic Kids – Betsy the Banana

Topic -




Oh, baby!

Look through photographs of you and your family members from when you were a baby to the age you are now. How has everyone changed? What are the similarities and differences between you all? What do you remember about being younger? If you could go back to being a baby again, what would you like to do?


Topic - Music


Music: Play it!


Peace Out


Zen Den – The Owl and The Guard Dog

This activity can be completed after the learning time or to start the bedtime routine





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Enjoy it’s going to be lots of fun!


Have fun!


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