Green class

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Green Class Work for Tuesday 7th July 2020

Hello Green Class, I hope you are looking forward to some interesting activities for this week.





P. E


HIIT workout with Moe Jones




Describing Words





Lunch time


Focus / exercise


Cosmic Kids - Tiny the T-Rex


Topic - Change



Changing places

Use online photographs and maps to look at how your local area has changed over time. How have your shops, parks, schools, fields and roads changed? Are there more houses now? What do you like and dislike about how things have changed? Draw or write about what you would like your local area to look like in the future.



Topic - Art and Design


Drawing portraits and self-portraits


Peace Out



Zen Den - Mini the Puppy

This activity can be done either to the end of the learning day or at the start of the bedtime routine.






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Have fun!